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Research Council grant funding arrangement changes

Over 90 heads of department and key research staff from the Universities of Leicester and Loughborough attended a seminar to hear the details of the changes to the funding arrangements for Research Council grants, which are to be introduced in 2005. 

Working together, the two universities were able to attract to the conference the three principal experts in the field, Dr Michael Jampel, of Governments Office of Science and Technology, Mr Jim Port, the consultant to the Joint Costing and Pricing Steering Group, and Mr John Wand from the Research Councils. The speakers described the details of and the challenges arising from the impending changes to the dual support system for research funding. The seminar placed the introduction of full-economic costing of research grants from Research Councils, which is to be implemented from September 2005 in the context of the need to maintain the sustainability of the UKs research base. 

The Pro Vice-Chancellors, Professors Bill Brammar from Leicester and Neil Halliwell from Loughborough, hosted the seminar. Bill Brammar said The day was very successful in allowing key personnel from both universities to hear directly from the three leaders of the initiative. Following the presentations, the friendly but forthright question-and-answer session proved to be a marvellous opportunity to clarify issues. Having made this fast start, both universities will now have to put in place systems which allow the maximisation of the new income made available by Government to support long-term sustainability of the research base.

Gary Hague

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