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Lifelong Learning students nominate their tutor for top award 

History Lecturer David Baldwin was recently nominated for Adult Tutor 2003, a National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education's Sign Up Now Campaign award. This nomination by the Institute of Lifelong Learning's Northampton Centre highlights their continuing support for this campaign, which is designed to heighten awareness of tutor commitment. 

A tutor's students make the nomination. All David's students respect his expertise and knowledge, and this prompted a group of them, headed by Ruby Paver, to nominate him for this prestigious award.

Although he did not receive the top prize, he nevertheless was awarded a Certificate of Commendation. Distinguished for his contribution to the work of the Institute of Lifelong Learning for many years, he has lectured at both Vaughan College in Leicester and the Northampton Centre. 

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Last updated: 11 November 2003 15:12
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