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[Photo: Professor Nicholson] University Professor, Karl Nicholson, is helping to build the University’s prominence through involvement in a series of international workshops

Professor Karl Nicholson of the Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Leicester has been invited to speak at a workshop entitled Workshop of a Clinical Trial Plan for Pandemic Influenza Vaccines. 

The Workshop is being held at the US National Institutes of Health where Professor Nicholson will talk about research regarding the Recent Vaccine Experience with Novel Antigens.

Professor Nicholson said: “This is a particularly proud moment for the Department as researchers have been actively involved in research of this nature since the outbreak of avian influenza in Hong Kong between 1997 and 1998.

“They have undertaken three of the five studies that have been conducted around the globe. Data from one of these studies has been published in The Lancet, an on-line medical publishing group, and the second is awaiting publication after also having been accepted by The Lancet.”

It is hoped that the workshop, which is to be attended by Dr Klaus Stohr who has responsibility for influenza and SARS, will help to develop plans for vaccine development and assessment to confront an emerging pandemic.

The University of Leicester is being funded to support work in this area by the UK Department of Health, and is set to work closely with workers at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, the Health Protection Agency, Central Public Health Laboratory Colindale, and European vaccine manufacturers. As a result of this, the University has now received funding from the EU for research into a similar area.

Professor Nicholson who is also a non-Executive Member of the Board of the Health Protection Agency has also been invited by the Taiwan authorities to attend The 2003 Taiwan International Public Health Workshop from October 7 to 14, and has been asked to give a speech on his field of research, respiratory infections and pandemics.

This event, which is in its third year, is organised by the Center for Disease Control in Taiwan and helps to facilitate the exchanging and sharing of experiences in disease control for developing countries.

The aim of this year’s workshop is to improve international partnership in healthcare and so issues that will be discussed will range from health care systems, infectious diseases and primary health care. It is also hoped that the issue of supporting capacity development and promoting ownership of developing countries to combat infectious diseases will be looked at.

There are three main components which make up the workshop. These are lecturers who have been invited to speak, country reports and group discussions, and site visits.

The workshop has around forty-six delegates from all corner of the globe participating in the event.

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