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How's that!

The Channel 4 Cricket Roadshow came to the University of Leicester Stoughton Road sports ground in Oadby on the morning of Saturday, August 17 with an hour-long live broadcast.

The event showcased club cricket in Leicestershire and in particular, the Asian Sports cricket team who play their home games at the University grounds on Stoughton Road in Oadby. The Road Show went out on Channel Four for one hour.  

Sybil Ruscoe and Kibworth under 13 team
TEAMWORK: Sybil Ruscoe chatting to the Kibworth under 13 team, who won the national club championship this year.

Dermott Reeve, Mark Nicholas, Ravi Shastri and Sybil Ruscoe presented the programme. The weather was superb for the event which culminated in Asian Sports playing Old Eastonians just as the programme concluded.

Local cricket enthusiasts were present at a cricket talk-in the day before with Sybil Roscoe, Mark Nicholas, Simon Hughes and Dermott Reeve, when the audience asked the experts all those cricket-related questions they always wanted answered.

The talk-in, which was followed by a complimentary buffet, took place at the Gilbert Murray Conference Centre - part of Gilbert Murray Hall on Manor Road in Oadby.

cricket question and answer session
FIELDING QUESTIONS: Dermott Reeve, Ravi Shastri, Matthew Hoggard, Mark Nicolas and Sybil Ruscoe took part in a question and answer session at the end of the programme.

Colin Hide
September 2002

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