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Centre for Labour Market Studies' research on show

The changing nature and shape of the office was the focus of a recent exhibition
mounted by a team of researchers from the Centre for Labour Market Studies.

It graphically describes, analyses and illustrates the radical changes in working relationships that occur when personal space in the office is abolished and replaced by 'hot desks' and 'touch down areas'. 

The exhibition, hosted by St Luke's advertising agency in London throughout March, was held over for two weeks as a result of the interest it generated. The exhibition consisted of:

Displays of photographs taken by those working in 'new offices' (ie. those without personal space);

A selection of quotations from interviews carried out by the research team with staff working in this environment;

A four minute time-lapse video of communal space in the 'new office',
which depicts who uses space, for what and when during the course of a
working day;

An eight minute video, shot by the research team and the University AVS,

Presenting the 'new office' in terms of an original conceptual framework
devised by the researchers;

A short exhibition brochure.

The exhibition was derived from research sponsored by the Economic and
Social Research Council under its Future of Work programme. 

The team is also researching working at home and working on the move as part of a wide-ranging investigation into the transformation of places of work. 

The CLMS team consists of Sally Walters, Nick Jewson and Alan Felstead (pictured back row, left to right). Also pictured are Denise Hicks, Jacob Wright and Grace Wang from St Luke's (front row, left to right).
[Photo: CLMS team]

Alan Felstead
Centre for Labour Market Studies

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