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Save yourself money with these golden rules

Guidelines for targeting schools and colleges

The Marketing Office and Schools and Colleges Liaison Office have teamed up to issue a series of 'golden rules' for mailing schools and colleges.

The advice has already saved one department 3,500 in their first mailing by using Mailsort rather than second class postage services.

The factsheet covers topics such as distribution and postage, design and content of materials and offers considerations on how schools operate. It also suggests better alternatives for targeting schools.

Marketing Director Richard Taylor said: "The average head of careers in a sixth-form or college receives around 800 pieces of promotional literature a year. They fully read a quarter of this material and have noticeboard space for less than 5%. Large amounts of material sent to schools will be discarded, some will be filed - a very small proportion displayed."

For more information, contact Richard Taylor on or ext 2850; or Jacky Wetzig, ext 2674.

Best Practice Marketing advice is available on

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Last updated: 12 June 2003
Maintained by: Barbara Whiteman

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