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Universities UK response to Tomlinson 14-19 Interim Report

Universities UK media release, 17 February, 2004

Universities UK today made an initial response to the Interim Report of the Working Group on 14-19 Reform.


A spokesperson said: ”Universities UK will look at the 14-19 proposals in detail and respond in consultation with members. We welcome the Working Group's commitment to a long-term approach, as well as carefully phased implementation and piloting where appropriate - this and continued consultation with all stakeholders will be key to ensuring the success of the new framework.


"Obviously more work is required on the detail but we do believe the 14-19 Diploma framework proposals will offer a number of advantages over the current system, both for students and higher education institutions. The proposed framework will continue to offer opportunities for specialisation; should provide all learners with core skills in communication, numeracy and ICT - useful at university and in the world of work; and help to develop research skills and independent study through the extended project.


"We welcome the Working Group's commitment to ensuring that the diploma stretches sufficiently the highest achieving students, and to providing universities with an enhanced means of differentiating between the most able students for admissions purposes. On this point we will be very interested in the group's further work on the possible grading of the diplomas and components within them, the highest levels being achieved by an appropriate depth and breadth of study.


“The proposed use of student transcripts would also help to provide a way of differentiating between students and this record of achievement will also be a vital tool in encouraging people to re-enter education, for example to 'top-up' their knowledge and skills. The welcome focus on motivating more students to stay in education post-16 is key to raising attainment levels and skills in general, crucial to the success of widening participation in higher education."

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