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Students Congratulated on their Achievements at Institute of Lifelong Learning's Presentation Evening
pic of part of evening programme

pic of successful students with Professor Benyon and Vice-Chancellor
FOR THE RECORDS: Successful students Rose O'Flynn (second left) and Jane Welch (right), pictured with Professor John Benyon (left) and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Burgess

Over 150 students were invited to the Institute of Lifelong Learning's Certificate and Diploma Presentation Evening at the Fraser Noble Hall on Friday, February 8 to receive awards. Professor John Benyon, Director of Lifelong Learning, introduced those seated on the platform to students and their guests and welcomed everyone to the ceremony.

Awards were presented by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Burgess, with candidates being presented in four groups - Sciences, Humanities, the Richard Attenborough Centre and Counselling and Psychotherapy - by Dr Paul Poplawski and Gail King.

The Vice-Chancellor congratulated students on their achievements and outlined the many opportunities available through the Institute of Lifelong Learning. The evening concluded with photographs and refreshments, giving those present the opportunity to renew their acquaintance with tutors and staff of the Institute.

Particular Association with the University

Two students, pictured above, receiving the Certificate in Modern Social History this year have a particular association with the University. Rosemarie O'Flynn was until recently a Hospitality Assistant and Jane Welch is Hospitality Supervisor in Catering Services.

Rose and Jane were encouraged to join the course by a University colleague and former student who knew of their avid interests in family history and the Victorian era. Both say they enjoyed the wide range of topics covered on the course and would highly recommend it to potential students. 

They had thought it would be an advantage both working and studying at the University of Leicester but found juggling family life, work commitments and studying sometimes proved to be very difficult. However, with tutor support and guidance and encouragement from each other they successfully completed the course and feel it has opened many avenues of interest to explore in the future. 

They now have a tremendous sense of achievement and hope to move on to the part-time course, BA Honours in Humanities, at Vaughan College.

Diane May
March 2002

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