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Twenty-fifth Anniversary of UK Children's Cancer Study Group (UKCCSG) 

UKCCSG is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a series of events taking place throughout the year

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The Group was formed in 1977 by a small number of doctors with aims of improving the management of children with cancer and advancing knowledge and study of childhood malignancies. There are now over 400 members and it is the only national organisation devoted to the study and treatment of childhood cancer.   The UKCCSG Data Centre, which coordinates the activities of the Group, has been based within the University since the late 1980s. Over the years significant changes have taken place in treatment and care of children with cancer and now around 70% of children with cancer are cured. 

Artís in the right place

The walls of the UKCCSG Data Centre will shortly be graced by a picture with a difference! Vishal Joshi of Leicester is studying for his GCSEs but is also being treated for Hodgkinís Disease at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Vishal chose to focus on his cancer as the subject for his GCSE art exam. 

Hearing of his artistic skills, the UKCCSG decided to offer Vishal his first commission, that of producing a piece of artwork to mark the 25th anniversary of the Group.  Vishal accepted and visited the Data Centre in March to show the preliminary sketches. These show a leaping tiger in 3D format becoming bigger and stronger to symbolise the tiger overcoming cancer. The Groupís accountants KPMG, were so impressed they agreed to donate £100.00 worth of art material vouchers to the ward where Vishal is being treated. 

Public Meeting: Childhood Cancer Partnerships Ė Triumphs and Challenges

In partnership with the National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Charities and Support Groups (NACCPO) the UKCCSG is holding a meeting in London on Friday, July 5, to highlight the partnerships that have been so successful in improving the outcome and quality of life of children with cancer and their families. It will also focus on areas where there are continued problems and shortfalls so that the strategies to address these issues can be planned.  Representatives from all 22 UKCCSG centres, partner organisations, patients and families will be present at the meeting.

UKCCSG Commemorative History

How can I find out more about the history of childhood cancer in the UK? What progress has been made in treatment over the last 25 years? How are clinical trials developed? Whatís the story behind Contact magazine? What does the future hold for children with cancer and their families?  All these questions and more can be answered in a commemorative history of the UKCCSG to be launched on December 2, 2002.  The book will cost £9.99 for a paperback and £19.99 for a hardback copy. Fliers for the book and an order form will be sent out with the next edition of Contact.

Centre Celebrations

On and around July 4 patients and families will be invited to join in a number of activities to celebrate the Groupís anniversary in the 22 UKCCSG treatment centres across the UK. 

25th Anniversary bookmarks

To mark this special year the UKCCSG are selling 25th Anniversary leather bookmarks in blue/silver at the bargain price of £1.00. All money raised will go to support the work of the group.  To obtain your bookmark contact Angela Bartlam on  0116 249 4460.

May 2002

  • For further information on any of the above events, ring the UKCCSG Data Centre on 0116 249 4460.

  • For more information on UKCCSG, visit

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