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Oral History Information Sheets

EMOHA has produced a series of information sheets for people interested in getting started in oral history. These provide a useful starting point for anyone who is interested in getting involved in any aspect of oral history. The information sheets are available on-line in PDF format, just click on the link and it should open so you can print a copy. Please be aware that some of the weblinks mentioned in the information sheets no longer work.

For a more in-depth look at oral history EMOHA has also created a collection of downloadable information sheets plus podcasts on the Building and Enriching Shared Heritages website - http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/history/outreach/besh/oral

EMOHA Information Sheets


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What is oral history?

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How can I put sound on the web?



How do I conduct an oral history interview?




How should I look after my material?



What equipment should I use?




How do I get funding for an oral history project?



Copyright and ethics also available as audio info sheet




How to promote your project



Who can help: contacts and research sources




How do I transcribe and summarise oral history recordings



How can I be safe while interviewing?




Researching local history



How do I use the Internet?




How can I use oral history to support family learning?



What oral history resources are available on the Internet?




Digitising oral history recordings



How can I use oral history in schools?




How can I use the EMOHA collections?



How can I publish my material?


Visit the Acrobat page at the Adobe Web Site for details on how to use Acrobat on your system or for more information and a link to download the Free Acrobat Reader Software. Adobe also offer tools to help people with disabilities read PDF at access.adobe.com.

If you have any comments on these Infosheets or would like to see one on a new subject email us and let us know at emoha@le.ac.uk.



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