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There are a variety of ways in which recording machines connect to each other. The main ones are shown to the right:

To plug a minidisc into a hi-fi cassette recorder, for example, you will usually need a minijack (from the minidisk) to phono (the cassette player) connection. Computer sound cards also take minijacks.

It is possible to buy a variety of adaptors to convert from one connector to another in any electrical spares shop. These shouldn't cost more than a few pounds.



[mini-jack and jack]
Mini-jack and ¼" jack
Used for minidisks, soundcards, headphones, microphones.

[phono plugs]
Phono plugs
Used for phono/hi-fi units such as amplifiers, cassette recorders, CD players

[din plug]
DIN plug
Older equipment may use these but it is less likely that you'll find these connections on recent gear.

This type of adaptor enables two inputs to go into one.

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