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talking history: Issue 6

talking history is available in audio format. You can either download it from this page to play on a Windows Media Player or we can send an audio cassette on request.



File size


Length of extract

Talking shop: oral history and work

* 1054 KB * 4.23

The Printer's Tale

  1919 KB   8.00

Leicester Voices

  2745 KB   11.28

Teacher's notes

  611 KB   2.32

Discovering Chesterfield's Hidden History

  1382 KB   5.45

Study Oral History

  607 KB   2.31

Lincolnshire's Community Grid for Learning

  1363 KB   5.41

Knitting Together

  850 KB   3.32

Talks Available

  376 KB   1.33

Oral history on CD

  202 KB   0.49

Back issues and much more...

  202 KB   0.49

East Midlands Oral History Archive

  553 KB   2.17

All you ever wanted to know about minidiscs...

  1025 KB   4.16

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