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The 2016 East Midlands Oral History Day is about 'Oral History & Health'.

The East Midlands Oral History Day 2016 took place in the Cecil Roberts Room at Nottingham Central Library on 8th June, 9.30am – 4pm. Around 25 people attended the event, which covered a diverse range of subjects. Thanks are due to the staff at the Library for their help throughout the event.

This is a summary of the presentations - 2016 OH Day Summary.docx

9.30 Coffee

10.00 Intro from Diana Willis of Nottingham Central Library and Colin Hyde of EMOHA

Nottingham Central Library - http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/centrallib

10.10 Oral History news from Cynthia Brown

Oral History Society website - http://www.ohs.org.uk/

10.20 Verusca Calabria - Voices from the Mental Hospital: the Role of Social Support and Networks

Verusca's website - https://veruscacalabria.co.uk/

11.00 Tim Burke of Leicestershire AIDS Support Service - “…and it won’t go away”, the LASS oral history project

Direct link to the book on the LASS website - http://www.lass.org.uk/files/uploads/And_it_won't_go_away.pdf

The LASS interactive timeline Tim mentioned is here - http://www.new-futures.org.uk/history/

11.40 Break

11.50 Verusca Calabria and Cynthia Brown – new Oral History Society special interest groups: Migration, Psycho-Social Therapies and Care Environments

In June 2016 there are four special interest groups - http://www.ohs.org.uk/about/introducing-special-interest-groups/

12.30 Lunch (not provided)

13.15 Lynn Maree, volunteer with McMillan, Small Talk: A Discovery - listening to the memories of a woman with Parkinsons

This is the article on the benefits of writing a memoir that Lynn referred to in her talk - http://picturesandstories.com/news/2015/3/31/the-mental-health-benefits-of-writing-a-memoir

13.55 Charlotte McCarthy, Senior Archivist, Boots UK, Corporate Records & Archives – the Boots oral history project

Boots UK website, heritage section - http://www.boots-uk.com/about-boots-uk/company-information/boots-heritage/

14.35 Break

14.45 Yewande Okuleye, PhD candidate in history at the University of Leicester - The Personal is the  Political: Medicinal Cannabis Narratives from Scientists and Activists

Yewande's website about her research is Cannabinoid Scientist - http://cannabinoidscientist.com/

There is a summary of the patient story on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/medical-cannabisthe-personal-political-yewande-okuleye-frsa

15.25 Panel discussion

15.50 End





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