Terraced Houses in Leicester

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This site is an introduction to, and a celebration of, the small pre-WW1 terraced houses in Leicester. From the ridge tiles on the top to the boot scrapers at the bottom, this is a look at the type of house which has been a home to so many of us in Leicester at one time or another.
However, this is not a social history of housing; for that you will have to look elsewhere. Here, the emphasis is on photographs of the exteriors of the houses.
From this home page you can either use the menu on the right, or click on the relevant part of the house on the left to get to the various pages on the site.
This website is part of the East Midlands Oral History Archive and has been compiled by Colin Hyde. Any comments can be sent to him via the 'Contact us' button at the bottom of the page.
Variations on the front
Brick/stone bands
Boot scrapers
At the back
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