Terraced Houses in Leicester

Many terraces have a plaque of some sort, on the front of at least one house, stating either the name of the terrace or the name and the date of its construction. On small houses these plaques are usually simple in design.
Plaque at Lancaster Terrace, Lancaster Road
Plaque at Gloucester Terrace, King Richards Road
While the plaques pictured here date back to 1857 there are not many in Leicester from before the 1870s as most of these terraces have been demolished for slum clearance or other development.
Although small houses have simple designs, larger houses can have far more ornate plaques, and some of these can be seen here.
Plaque at Stanley Cottages, Walnut Street
Plaque at Bradgate House, Anchor Street
As can be seen on this page, a row of houses may be referred to as a 'terrace', 'cottages', 'houses', or, slightly posher, 'villas'.
Designs like those on the right may be repeated for the length of a block of houses, each pair of houses having a different name.
Plaque at Lily Houses, Hamilton Street
Plaque at Jubilee Villas, Green Lane Rd
The names on the plaques are usually of people, flowers, places, or references to contemporary events, like the Boer War. Sometimes the date isn't mentioned at all; sometimes there is just a date.
Plaque at Asbourne Houses, Newport  Street
Plaque at Chaucer Street
Variations on the front
• Plaques
Brick/stone bands
Boot scrapers
At the back
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