The Goddard Trail

If you have lived in Leicester for any amount of time you may not know about the Goddard architectural dynasty, but you will certainly have seen their buildings. From the Clocktower through churches, houses and schools, generations of the Goddard practice have helped to shape the face of Leicester. The story of the Goddards is told very well in 'Men of Property - The Goddards and Six Generations of Architecture' by Geoff Brandwood and Martin Cherry, and anyone wanting to know more about the practice and the buildings it designed should read this book. This trail is far from being a complete representation of the works of the Goddard practice, but it may act as an introduction to a fascinating body of work. For those of us who know nothing about architectural terminology there is a basic explanation below, while the chronology tells the story of the Goddards and is an attempt to show how their buildings evolved with changes in taste and style.
Buildings in the city centre
Around Regent Rd/University Rd/London Rd
In the southern suburbs
Three churches
S-E Leicestershire
A chronology of the Goddards and their buildings
A brief explanation of architectural styles
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