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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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This website is based on things which have interested me in churches in Leicestershire & Rutland I have visited (and been able to get into). Within this site are photos of such marvels as the chancel arch at Tickencote, the monuments of Bottesford and Exton, and the pagan pole and wall paintings of Stoke Dry. Other churches may be added as and when I visit them.

In an attempt to compromise between photos being large enough to see yet small enough to load quickly, I have limited each church to four pictures. For most churches this miserly allocation barely does them justice, so you'll just have to go and visit them yourselves.

The whole church visiting/crawling experience is greatly enhanced if the church is in pleasant surroundings, preferably with a good pub nearby, and Rutland rarely disappoints in this regard (although it is possible to find yourself miles from a decent boozer in Leicestershire). Therefore, when visiting churches I find it is useful to have a copy of Pevsner, perhaps Leonard Cantor's 'The Historic Parish Churches of Leicestershire & Rutland', and, indispensibly, The Good Pub Guide.

At the bottom of each of these pages, displayed in a box like that below, is information about where each church is.

And finally... if this website has whetted your appetite you might want to check out a site which can make a good claim to be the definitive Leicestershire churches website. Lots of lovely churches here: