3.BedeIslandCanal 4. BedeIslandPark
5.BedeIslandArt 6.BedeIslandPub
7.BedeIslandPlaza 8. BedeIslandRestaurant
9.BedeIslandFootbridge10. BedeIslandLandRegistry
11.BedeIslandLandRegistryWindows12. BedeIslandBridge

Bede Island North in 2003.

Photos 1-3 are looking north from the Upperton Rd bridge and the Swan Bridge at the housing on Bede Island.
Photo 4 is from the west of the park looking at Western Bvd. Former railway building on the left, and 'Russells', a former factory now student accommodation, on the right.
Photo 5 is a 'rolled map' sculpture, one of several pieces of art in the area.
Photo 6 is a former railway building which became 'The Quay' pub and is currently a supermarket.
Photo 7 is the plaza (shops not pictured), with curtain-like screens.
Photos 8 is the restaurant, with student accommodation on the left and Pex on the right, seen from Castle Gardens.
Photo 9 is looking along the footbridge from the restaurant to Castle Gardens.
Photos 10 and 11 are the former Pex factory, now the Land Registry.
Photo 12 is the Great Central Railway bridge. This has now been demolished and you can see before and after photos on Nigel Tout's GCR website.
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