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The history of Rutland

From 1997 Rutland has once again been England's smallest county after it was granted unitary status. The county had been merged into Leicestershire in 1974. The county is largely rural but boasts two market towns in Oakham and Uppingham. In the middle of the county lies Rutland water which is the largest man-made reservoir in Europe. Rutland water was created in 1970 despite some opposition from local farmers.

There are a number of useful websites which provide an introduction to Rutland such as Rutnet - Rutland On Line which features a clickable map that enables you to find out more about all of the villages and towns in the county. For an introduction to Rutland's history the BBC provide a useful Rutland Time-line, you can also visit the Rutland Local History and Record Society. Family historians should make sure that they are in contact with the Rutland Group of the Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society. For those interested in politics Lord Bonkers' Diary offers satirical look at liberalism, with a particular Rutland slant. Photos of a few churches in Rutland can be found at this EMOHA site.

Other Rutland sites

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