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The National Forest’s LANDshapes project interview with Tim Adkin

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LANt004 Tim Adkin
LANDshapes Oral History interview summary

Listen as British Trust for Conservation Volunteers area manager Tim takes you to a place that "they always claimed was the smallest parish in England" and explains how he learned about forestry and old fashioned threshing machines as a young lad growing up in Charnwood. No wonder then, that after of a stint in the Air Force Tim decided that he wanted a job in conservation..."I just didn't have any choice, it was in the blood". Wholeheartedly supporting good conservation management Tim conveys a sense of excitement at the possibilities for the future of the Forest, you might come away from this recording looking for links to a 'coppice craft' workshop or setting off to discover why a field might have been named 'The Stew'. Fancy some pottery made by a Monk - then perhaps you might set off for a visit to Mount St Bernard's Abbey, "still the same" as Tim remembers from childhood visits - "still excellent farmers, still excellent farm managers, it's almost kept in time".

Interviewer: Roger Kitchen.
Interview date: 09/02/2005
Landshape Zone: Charnwood
Parish: Thurcaston and Cropston
Location: Thurcaston, Leicestershire,
Date of birth: 1954
Location of Original: The National Forest Company.
Reference LANt004

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