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I didn't go to factory or anything like that. I used to do clocks on stockings. I used to go to Whitwick to fetch them and me and me sister used to do these clocks on Stockings. We didn't go to factory, no, no.

Q: You did it at home?

We did it at home.

Q: That's like embroidery.

Yes, embroidery, on stockings, yes.

Q: Can you remember how much you got paid?

Oh, not much. Used to pay so much a dozen, you know, according how many you did. Not much.

Q: And did you work at that all day at home?

Yes, worked all day at home, yes.

Q: Can you remember any, what the patterns were like?

Oh they were lovely. You used to start you know and do along 'ere and then work right up to the top and do pretty flowers on the top.

Q: Were they just one colour?

No, different colours, different colours.

Q: Would they be the kind of stockings that you would be able to buy yourself.

No (laughs) no, er, you used to do them, a, a man used to fetch them from Leicester then he used to pack them up an then we used to fetch them on a bicycle. We used to have to go on a bicycle of course, and put it, er, er, at back, you know and fetch them from Whitwick.


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