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North Braunstone

In accordance with the Housing Act of 1930, the remainder of the Braunstone estate, known as North Braunstone, was developed from 1936 as an area for rehousing people from slum clearance areas. Very few of these houses were built with parlours: in 1928 only 92 of the 362 houses contracted for were of the non-parlour type, by 1931 the majority of houses erected at Braunstone were non-parlour.

Areas like North Braunstone contained cheaper, smaller, plainer housing. People moved to the area from Bedford Street, Wharf Street, Dover Street, and Calais Street, and Sanvey Gate and Burley's Lane; needy families were moved together and concentrated together. The rents charged were higher than people were used to, and there was the additional cost of furnishing the new houses; the nickname 'Dodge City' referred to the amount of people in debt in the area.

People moving into North Braunstone had to have their furniture fumigated and they were stigmatised as 'problem' families from the word go, which they resented. However, as in South Braunstone, many people thought they were moving into marvellous houses, particularly as there was hot water and indoor toilets and baths.

Hear about the housing manager and the 'bum' bailiffs

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