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An audio trail from Leicester's Town Hall to the Clocktower

The following sound files take you from Town Hall Square to the Clocktower, round the back of Highcross and back to the Clocktower via Silver Street. The voices are taken from the collections of the East Midlands Oral History Archive. A commentary by radio Leicester's Stephen Butt puts the clips into context and tells you who is talking.

These clips are also available at the Empedia website, which enables you to follow the trail on your mobile phone or similar device - http://empedia.info/maps/29.

And on EMOHA's You Tube channel where you can also see pictures of the places being described - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3Rnsga7PXcu9BN12HdaeS6i4UY_4cXM2.

All tracks are .mp3 files. Your mobile device will probably play them if you click on the links, but you can also save to your computer/mobile device in whatever way it demands e.g. right click and 'save target as'.

Track 1 - Town Hall Square

Track 2 - Theatre Royal

Track 3 - Simpkin & James

Track 4 - Market

Track 5 - Clock Tower

Track 6 - Church Gate

Track 7 - Bond Street Maternity Hospital/Faire Hospital

Track 8 - Highcross

Track 9 - Highcross Street

Track 10 - BBC Radio Leicester

Track 11 - Silver Street, Opera House

Track 12 - Silver Street, Il Rondo

And here is a map of the route with photos of where each track is - Audio Tour Map.pdf


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