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Legacy of Partition

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Legacy of Partition Collection

Physical Detail

Number of items in the collection: 18 items
Venues where material can be listened to: EMOHA, Record Office
Media available on: CD

Collection History

This collection was created as part of a larger project by the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland to commemorate 60 years since the partition of India. Relevant literature was collected by local libraries, guests came from India and Pakistan, work was done with local schools, and a website was created. Extracts from the interviews have been placed on the project website and turned into a CD. Note that the collection is not on the EMOHA catalogue

What the Collection Contains

The collection comprises interviews with 17 people as well as a recording of an event. Subjects covered include life before Partition, the build up to 1947, events at the time of Partition, the aftermath, settling in the UK. Photographs and artefacts were also collected and these are stored at the Record Office.


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