Lectures Series - Jarrow

Lectures on the Venerable Bede, England's first historian, and aspects of his world are given at St Paul's Church, Jarrow (Tyne & Wear) each year in May.  This church is on the site of the Saxon monastery at Jarrow where the Venerable Bede began his career in the Church.  A heritage centre illustrating Bede's life and times in Early Medieval Northumbria has been built nearby - Bede's World.

THE JARROW LECTURES - Published lectures in print (June 2006) - Please note amended prices

1958 - The Venerable Bede and his times, by Bertram Colgrave, D.Litt., F.S.A., - £2.00
1959 - Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation and its importance today, by Peter Hunter Blair, MA - £2.00
1960 - After Bede, by Dorothy Whitelock, D.Litt, F.B.S., F.R.Hist.S. - £2.00
1961 - English Architecture in the time of Bede, by Harold McCarter Taylor, CBE, MA, Ph.D, F.S.A. - £2.00
1962 - Bede's Europe, by J.M. Wallace-Hadrill, MA - £2.00
1963 - The Pastoral Organisation of the modern diocese of Durham and Newcastle in the time of Bede, by G.W.O. Addleshaw, BD, MA - £2.00
1964 - Bede and Gregory the Great, by Paul Meyvaert, CSB - £2.00
1965 - Early Northumbrian Sculpture, by Rosemary Cramp, CBE, B.Litt., MA, F.S.A. - £2.00
1966 - reprinted - Saint Bede in the tradition of Western Apocalytic Commentary, By J.D.A. Ogilvy, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Harvard) - £2.00
1967 - reprinted - The Art of the Codex Amiatinus, by R.L.S. Bruce Mitford, M.A., D.Litt., F.S.A. - £2.00
1968 - The place of Wearmouth and Jarrow in Western Cultural History, by J.D.A. Ogilvy, AB, MA, Ph.D (Harvard) - £2.00
1969 - Reflections on the St Ninian's Isle Treasure, by David M. Wilson, MA, F.S.A. - £2.00
1970 - Early Christianity in Pictland, by Kathleen Hughes - £2.00
1971 - reprinted - Northumbria and the Book of Kells, by T.J. Brown - £2.00
1972 - reprinted - The Music of Aldwyn's House at Jarrow and the early twelth century Music of Durham Priory, by Dom Anselm Highes, Q.S.B., M.A., F.S.A. - £2.00
1973 - Bede, Archaeology and the Cult of Relics, by Charles Thomas, MA, Hon.M.R.I.B.A., F.S.A. - £2.00
1974 - The Labourer in the Field by Rosalind Hill, MA, B.Litt (Oxon), F.S.A, F.R.Hist.S. - £2.00
1975 - Bede and the Tradition of Ecclesiastical Historiography, by R.A. Markus, MA, Ph.D, F.R.Hist.S. - £2.00
1976 - The Venerable Bede, the Rule of St Benedict and Social Class, by Henry M.R.E. Mayr-Harting, MA D.Phil - £2.00
1977 - The Codex Amiatinus and the Byzantine Element in the Northumbrian Renaissance, by Per Jonas Nordhagen, Ph.D (Oslo University) - £2.00
1978 - The Durham Cassiodorus, by Richard Bailey, MA, Ph.D, F.S.A. - £2.00
1979 - Bede's Reges and Principles, by James Campbell, MA, Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford - £2.00
1980 - Bede and the Visual Arts, by George Henderson, MA, Ph.D, F.S.A., Reader in Medieval Art, University of Cambridge - £2.00
1981 - Benedict Biscop, by Eric Fletcher - £2.00
1982 - The Scriptorium of Wearmouth-Jarrow, by M.B. Parkes, B.Litt, MA, F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S. - £2.00
1983 - The Cult of St Oswald on the Continent, by Peter Clemoes, Ph.D., F.R.Hist.S. - £2.20
1984 - Bede and the Conversion of England: the Charter Evidence, by Patrick Wormald, M.A., F.S.A.(Scot) - £2.40
1985 - Bede's Scientific Achievement, by Wesley Stevens, Professor of Medieval History, University of Winnipeg - £3.00
1986 - The Durham Monks at Jarrow, by A.J. Piper, Department of Palaeology, University of Durham - £2.50
1987 - Books and Buildings: Architectural Descriptions before and after Bede, by David Parsons, Dept. Adult Education, University of Leicester - £3.00
1988 - Bede, Eddius and the Forts of the North Britons, by Leslie Alcock, MA, F.S.A, F.R.Hist.S., Professor of Archaeology, University of Glasgow - £3.00
1989 - Church and Monastery in the Far North: An Archaeological Evaluation, by Christopher D. Morris, Reader in Viking Archaeology, University of Durham - £3.50
1990 - The Anglian Sculpture of Deira: The Classical Tradition, by James Lang, MA, F.S.A., Inspector of Ancient Monuments, English Heritage - £3.00
1991 - Bede and the Psalter, by Benedicta Ward, S.L.G., MA, D.Phil - £3.00
1992 - Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum: Its Contemporary Setting, by D.P. Kirby, MA, Ph.D., F.R.Hist.S., Reader in History, University of Aberystwyth - £3.00
1993 - Bede the Poet, by Michael Lapidge, Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon, University of Cambridge - £3.00
1994 - The City of Rome and the World of Bede, by Eamonn O'Carragain, Professor of Old and Middle English, University College, Cork - £3.75
1995 - The Most Holy Abbot, Ceolfrid, by Ian Wood, Professor of Early Medieval History, University of Leeds - £3.20
1996 - Bede the Educator, by George Hardin Brown, Professor of English and Classics, Stanford University - £3.00
1997 - Bede, Rhetoric and the creation of Christian Latin Culture, by Roger Ray, Professor of History, University of Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. - £3.00
1998 - Bede and the Benedictine Reform, by Joyce Hill, Professor of Old and Middle English Language and Literature, University of Leeds - £3.00
1999 - Bede and the English, by Nicholas Brooks, Professor of Medieval History, University of Birmingham - £3.50
2000 - "In the beginning was the Word": books and faith in the age of Bede, by Michelle Brown - £4.00
2001 - Bede and Germany, by David Rollason, Dept. of History, University of Durham - £3.50
2002 - Bede and the Holy Places, by Professor Martin Biddle - Not available.
2003 - Bede, Wilfrid and the Irish, by Dr. Clare Stancliffe, Hon. Reader in Ecclesiastical History, Dept. of History, University of Durham - £3.50
2004 - See details below - In preparation.
2005 - See details below - In preparation.
2006 - Maps in the Age of Bede, by P.D.A. Harvey, Professor Emertitus of Medieval History, University of Durham - £3.00.
2007 - See details below - In preparation.

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The Jarrow Lecture - 2004:

"Journeys from Jarrow" by Professor Richard K. Morris OBE MA BPhil FSA HonMIFA, Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds, President of the Society for Church Archaeology, and Chair of the Trustees of Bede's World, in St Paul's Church, Jarrow at 7.30pm on Friday 28 May, 2004.

The Jarrow Lecture - 2005:

"Bede and Augustine of Hippo" by Dr Alan Thacker, in St Paul's Church, Jarrow at 7.30pm on Friday 27 May, 2005.

The Jarrow Lecture - 2006:

"Maps in the Age of Bede" by Professor Paul Harvey, in St Paul's Church, Jarrow at 7.30pm on Friday, 26 May, 2006.

The Jarrow Lecture - 2007:

"The Irish Monastery in the Age of Bede" by Dr John Bradley on Friday, 25 May, 2007, in St Paul's Church, Jarrow.

The Jarrow Lecture - 2008:

"The Pictish Monastery at Portmahomack" will be given by Professor Martin Carver (Department of Archaeology, University of York) on Friday, 23 May, 2008, 7.30pm, at St Paulís Church, Church Bank, Jarrow


The Lectures are available from: The Lecture Secretary, Mrs Anne Henderson, who can be contacted via the church Ė St Paulís Church, Church Bank, JARROW, Tyne & Wear NE32 3DZ.  Tel: 0191 489 7052.
Postage and packing are charged extra. A Foreign Cheque surcharge of £3.00 is placed on all orders not paid for in Pounds Sterling
Standing Orders are accepted from institutions and individuals.
All cheques should be made payable to: ST PAUL'S CHURCH

The 2009 Jarrow Lecture is:

"[To be confirmed]" to be delivered by [To be confirmed] on Friday 22nd May 2009 in St Paulís Church, Jarrow.


The Jarrow Lectures are supplemented by a series of annual lectures given at All Saints' Church, Brixworth (Northamptonshire) - perhaps England's best surviving Anglo-Saxon church.

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