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Sabbatical Elections

The Sabbatical Elections are reaching their climax with voting taking place between 10.00am on Wednesday 17th February and 5.00pm on Friday 19th February

The candidates

Academic Affairs Officer:

  • Emma Norman
  • Alex Nut
  • Dave Scammell
  • Re Open Nominations

Campaigns and Involvement Officer

  • Owen Jones
  • Sam Twinning
  • Re Open Nominations

Services Officer

  • Stephanie Chua
  • Peter Gott
  • Re Open Nominations

Student Activities Officer

  • Matt Evans
  • Gareth Welsh
  • Laura Wilkinson
  • Tom Wilmont
  • Re Open Nominations

Welfare and International

  • Kate Newton
  • Dylan Ragi
  • Re Open Nominations

Election Debates

Election debates are an opportunity to learn more about the candidates, ask questions and to find out if they really know what they are talking about. They are been held

  • Queens Hall at 11.30am Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th February.
  • Vaughn College at 18.00 on Monday 15th February

Manifesto Booklet

The manifesto booklet available from The booklet allows to examine what each of the candidates plan to do if they become elected


Ballot boxes will be located across campus throughout the election period, please remember to bring your library card when you come to vote. For full details of voting venues and of how to vote electronically please visit

Further Information

In the first instance please visit our website In addition though please do not hesitate to contact Ian Bruce, Student Engagement Manager of the Students’ Union ( if you have any questions regarding the elections.

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