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The Best Graduate Job in the World

The Students Union is looking to recruit five current students to be part of the 2010/11 Sabbatical team responsible for the activities of the Students’ Union.

Sabbatical Officers are full-time paid representatives of students, democratically elected for a one-year term of office. All Sabbatical Officers are Trustees of the Students’ Union, which is legally recognised as a charity, meaning that they are ultimately responsible for everything the Students’ Union does. You don’t need any qualifications or prior experience, but excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a passion to represent the best interest of students will be crucial. Max Cawthorn, the current Services Officer, says;

“This is a brilliant job and will give back to you what you put into it. As a Sabbatical Officer you have a huge amount of responsibility and the job can be both hard work and incredibly rewarding. It is a great opportunity to work with others in a team and there is a tremendous amount of freedom to develop your own ideas and initiatives”.

Nominations forms are available from Queens Hall Foyer and can be submitted until 6.00pm on Friday 29th January to the Executive Secretaries Office. If you have any questions or wish to find out more please go to, email or speak to one of the election team who will be located either in the Queens Hall Foyer or the Sabbatical Office (turn right as you come in then left along the corridor, the office is on your right hand side.)

SERVICES OFFICER – Salary c. £16,750

The Services Officer shall be responsible for the day to day activities of the Students’ Union and will chair the Management Board to this effect. Responsibilities include oversight of staffing at the Students’ Union, ensuring the entertainments provision and other services are student focussed and the overall responsibility for the annual accounts, strategic plan and multi-million pound budget of the organisation.


The Academic Affairs Officer will act as the principle point of contact between the Students’ Union and the University. Sitting on a number of senior University level committees, this person will be the voice of students to the academic establishment. Within the Students’ Union, the Academic Affairs Officer will oversee the Education Unit and promote the system of course representatives.


The Campaigns and Involvement Officer will have responsibility for all campaigning within the Students’ Union, particularly the priority campaigns. This person will act as the Chair of the Executive Committee, guiding all policy decisions of the organisation and ensuring the Union is democratically led and focussed. The Campaigns and Involvement Officer will be responsible for coordinating Elections and Rules Committee and leading the NUS conference delegation.


The Welfare and International Officer will be responsible for representing the interests of and advising international students on all matters affecting them, including the facilitation of their arrival and orientation. This person will Chair the International Students’ Committee, liaise regularly with the University’s International Office and Welfare Office and maintain links with the community. The Welfare and International Officer will ensure the welfare needs of students are met, call forums to discuss the needs of students and campaign on their behalf.

ACTIVITIES OFFICER – Salary c. £16,750

The Activities Officer is the principle point of contact for all student groups and their representatives, with the responsibility for the allocation of a grant budget of over two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. This person will Chair the Student Activities Committee and oversee the development of clubs, societies associations and media group as well as facilitating the highly successful ‘Come and Try’ scheme. The Activities Officer shall oversee the promotion and marketing of student groups and oversee output of media groups.

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