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Aaron Porter

Aaron Porter wins NUS Vice Presidency in Historic Landslide Victory

Aaron Porter, Academic Affairs Officer of the University of Leicester Students’ Union won a landslide victory to become the next Vice President (Higher Education) of the National Union of Students (NUS), succeeding Wes Streeting who was elected as the new NUS President.

Porter made history by becoming the first ever representative from the University of Leicester to win a place as a full-time member of the National Union of Students national executive committee, and is likely to join Streeting in the public eye during most of his year in office opposing any attempts by the Government to lift the cap on fees during the review into the Higher Education funding which the government have committed to in 2009.

You can watch Aaron's election hustings speech on YouTube:

Elected on a platform promising to put the campaign for fairer funding in Higher Education at the centre of his term of office, Porter also spoke about his determination to make NUS relevant to more students and address the issues of mature, part-time, international and postgraduate students who he referred to as “the forgotten majority.”

The Conference also saw proposals for major reform to NUS failing to reach the two thirds majority it needed to be passed, agonisingly only 25 votes short (which represented 65%). Porter has already joined Streeting and many others, in a desire to bring back the proposals vowing not to be defeated on a second occasion.

The Conference also saw Gemma Tumelty finish her second year as National President, and was given an emphatic standing ovation during her closing remarks and tearful leaving speech.

The election results for Vice President (Higher Education) were as follows:

Aaron Porter (University of Leicester) – 481 Rob Owen (NUS National Executive) – 201 Sam Rozati (NUS National Executive) – 101 Re-Open Nominations – 24

Aaron Porter elected in the first round.

The other full time officers elected at the Conference were: Wes Streeting (National President), Ama Uzowuru (Vice President, Welfare), Beth Walker (Vice President, Further Education), Dave Lewis (National Treasurer) and Richard ‘Bubble’ Budden (National Secretary).

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