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Economics students: take part in the annual department Volunteering Challenge on 12 June

In light of completing your summer exams, you can finally have some time to yourself for leisure and rest. Why not be a part of an amazing team with like-minded students and give back to the city that has hosted you during the academic year?

On Tuesday 12th June an executive team will be running the First Annual Department Of Economics Volunteering Challenge at the ‘Saffron Acres Project’. The once neglected four acre site located on Copinger Road has been transformed into a thriving allotment and community garden. The event will take place in the afternoon from 12:00- 16-30, transport will be provided as well as refreshments.

Volunteers will spend the afternoon participating in a wide range of activities from laying down wood chip for paths, planting vegetables, weeding, watering plants, and carrying out maintenance work. It is all dependent on the weather at the time. We would like to warmly invite you to participate and be a part of this great event; whether it’s to give back to the community, meet new people or simply to enhance your CV. For further details, questions or queries you might have please contact Umutoni. We look forward to meeting you.


Tel: 07960 533 344

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