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Neurochip project shortlisted for national award

A research programme involving Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Professor of Bioengineering in the Department of Engineering, has been shortlisted in the Medical and Healthcare category of the Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards.

The Neurochip project is developing a low power wireless chip that could be implanted in the brain for enabling patients with spinal cord injuries to move paralysed parts of their bodies.

The project brings together specialists from Leicester, Newcastle University and Imperial College London.

On hearing about the award Rodrigo said: “We are delighted about the shortlisting for the Technology and Innovation award. This project addresses a major need in neuroscience - how to transmit wirelessly signals for the brain - and has large potential for new types of recordings and clinical applications, like robotic prostheses for paralyzed patients that can be controled directly from brain signals."

The Engineer Technology and Innovation awards, now in their fifth year, celebrate the most exciting collaborative projects from within the field of engineering. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on Friday 2 December.

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