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Two significant accolades for University of Leicester Professor

Professor of Psychology, Ray Bull.

Two significant accolades for University of Leicester Professor

Ray Bull, Professor of Forensic Psychology has been recognised by the British Psychological Society and International Scientific Committee

The British Psychological Society (BPS) has named Professor Bull as an Honorary Fellow of the Society in recognition of his contribution to the discipline of psychology. The citation highlighted Professor Bull’s contribution to “the advancement of psychology in the field of forensic psychology, and the improvement of policing and criminal justice systems worldwide. “ stating that his work had “had a huge impact on a variety of professional practices and court procedures, especially in terms of improving the interviewing by the polices and of others of vulnerable children and vulnerable adults as well as explaining why hones eyewitnesses can provide mistaken testimony.”

The BPS is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK and an Honorary Fellowship is the highest honour the BPS can bestow on an individual.

Professor Bull has also been commended by the International Scientific Committee at the 4th International Investigative Interviewing Conference who awarded Professor Bull the ‘Honorary Prize 2010’ in recognition of “his outstanding contribution in the field of investigative interviewing.”

Commenting on his accolades Professor Bull said “I am very pleased yet surprised to be one of the relatively few to receive the British Psychological Society’s highest honour, and then to receive the 2010 Honorary Prize from the International Scientific Committee of the 4th International Investigative Interviewing Conference. In part I take these as vindication that conducting methodologically rigorous research on the applications of psychology to ‘real world’ settings is worthy and important. Such work in psychology is a strength here at the University of Leicester where we have the largest number of tenured forensic psychologists in the UK.”


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