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New president of association of medical humanities

Dr Paul Lazarus, who is involved in the MA in Medical Humanties at the University.

New president of association of medical humanities

Dr. Paul Lazarus to spearhead new arts and humanities group

Dr. Paul Lazarus, GP and Senior Clinical Educator in the Department of Medical and Social Care Education, has been elected as President of the Association for Medical Humanities (AMH) at the Association's AGM / annual conference, which was held in Truro.

Dr Lazarus has been involved in the development of medical humanities within medical education at Leicester, including the provision of student-selected components within the undergraduate medical curriculum, and , with the College of Arts, Humanities and Law, an MA programme which is open to arts/humanities graduates, medical students and qualified doctors. He is also currently involved with the College in establishing a multi-disciplinary research network.

The AMH was founded in 2002, to promote the medical humanities within education, healthcare and research across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It has run an annual conference since 2003.

The 2011 conference will be held at Leicester (11th-13th July), jointly hosted by Leicester and Nottingham universities. In addition, there is a dedicated bi-annual journal, Medical Humanities, and a regular newsletter.

Dr Lazarus hopes to make the Association into a much more perennially active forum for research and debate, and to extend the spread of membership beyond the British Isles.

If interested in joining the AMH,

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