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Dr Sue Jaimson-Powell

Media and Communications Research Associate appointed

Dr Sue Jamison-Powell has joined the University’s Super Identity Project

Dr Jamison-Powell completed her PhD in psychology under Dr Will Reader and Professor Ann Macaskill at Sheffield Hallam University in 2011. Her thesis, Technologically Mediated Friendship: The Development, Maintenance, and Dissolution of Online Relationships, examined the way in which people use technology in social processes. Sue’s research interests cover online social processes and social networking websites with an emphasis on disclosure, sociality, and the development of online trust. She also has an interest in the design of Internet based psychotherapy and online disclosure of health related information.

Sue is working as a Research Associate in the Department of Media and Communication and is currently seconded to the Super Identity Project, which explores the concept of identity across offline and online domains.

She joins the University of Leicester fresh from the University of Lincoln’s Social Computing Research Lab (LiSC), where she was a researcher on the ENACT project, harnessing elements of online social networking websites to augment engagement with online psychotherapy.

She is a member of the British Psychological Society and of the Association of Computer Machinery.

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