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Professor Carl Rhodes

School of Management Appointment

Carl Rhodes has joined the University as Professor of Management

Professor Rhodes joins us from the School of Business and Economics at Swansea University.

His research focuses on critically interrogating the narration and representation of organizational experience in practice and popular culture, with a particular concern with the possibilities for organizational ethics and responsibility.This work endeavours to contribute to the rigorous and critical questioning of what we appreciate organizations to be about, as well as a reformulation, expansion and democratization for how we go about understanding them.

While his work can be located in a ‘critical’ tradition, it tries to perform an affirmative critique that avoids ‘finger pointing’, ‘nay saying’ and ‘wowserism’ in favour of a kind of positive cynicism for the possibilities for more ethically alive ways of working in, and studying, organizations. The work he is doing at the moment concerns such things as the anxiety ridden relationship between ethics and justice in organizations, organizational ethics as an embodied generosity, and the gendered critique of organizational life in popular music, film and television.

Carl’s most recent books are Organizations and Popular Culture (Routledge, 2012 with Simon Lilley), Bits of Organization (Liber, 2009 with Alison Pullen) and Critical Representations of Work and Organization in Popular Culture (Routledge, 2008 with Robert Westwood).

Carl serves as Associate Editor of the journal Organization and Senior Editor of the journal Organization Studies.

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