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New Appointment in the Institute of Lifelong Learning

Dr Clive Marsh, who will be joining the Institute of Lifelong Learning as a Senior Lecturer and Director of Learning and Teaching in January 2009.

New Appointment in the Institute of Lifelong Learning

Dr Clive Marsh is to join the University of Leicester’s Institute of Lifelong Learning (LILL) in January 2009 as a Senior Lecturer and Director of Learning and Teaching.

19 December 2008

Clive will join the LILL as a member of the management team with a brief covering quality assurance, monitoring the learning and teaching aspects and overall coherence of programmes on offer within LILL, taking particular responsibility for the BA in Humanities.

On joining the University of Leicester Clive Marsh says “The LILL has a great reputation for finding ways of encouraging people who may not have thought of themselves as university students to discover a desire to study. I am looking forward to contributing to that work and also to using my background in theology, religious and cultural studies to develop the suite of programmes available in new directions.”

Career to Date

Clive has been teaching theology and biblical studies since 1989, most recently at the University of Nottingham where he has been Principal of the East Midlands Ministry Training Course within the School of Education.

He initially studied in Bangor (North Wales) before moving on to Tϋbingen (Southern Germany), Chicago and Oxford, finishing with a BA in German and Biblical Studies and a D.Phil in modern theology. He later added an M.Ed through the Open University.

Research Interests

Clive started his academic career as a New Testament scholar, with a special interest in how the Gospels are used in theology. He linked this with his study of German, developing a specialism in German Protestant theology since the late 18th century. This interest is maintained through reviewing German scholarly texts for major theology journals. Clive is beginning to work on the relevance of Friedrich Schleiermacher's work in education, and on a critical comparison of the theologies of John Wesley and Schleiermacher.

Since the early 1990s Clive has also been working on the interface between theology, the arts and popular culture. In dialogue with film, media and cultural studies, and with the work of sociologists, psychologists and philosophers who also work on film, he has been exploring how 'meaning-making' happens in contemporary culture. He is due to contribute to a Conference on U2 in New York in May 2009.

Main publications

Albrecht Ritschl and the Problem of the Historical Jesus (Edwin Mellen 1992), Explorations in Theology and Film (co-edited with Gaye Ortiz, Blackwell 1997), Jesus and the Gospels (co-written with Steve Moyise, Cassell 1999; 2nd edn. Continuum 2006), Cinema and Sentiment: Film's Challenge to Theology (Authentic Media 2004), Christ in Focus: Radical Christocentrism in Christian Theology (SCM Press 2005), Christ in Practice: A Christology of Everyday Life (Darton Longman and Todd 2006), Theology Goes to the Movies (Routledge 2007).

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