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Academic high-flyer

The Boeing 757SF that Simon recently flew on for his work, shown on the ramp in Milan.

Academic high-flyer

Civil safety expert working with DHL aerial support

Dr Simon Bennett, Programme Director at the Civil Safety and Security Unit (CSSU), has worked as a human factors consultant to DHL Air for the past three years. His work involves training pilots and managers in fatigue awareness and teamwork, aircraft incident investigations, human factors research and liaison with flight crews.

DHL Air, which provides aerial lift to German logistics company DHL, operates 22 Boeing 757 freighters. Dr Bennett works at DHL Air's headquarters at East Midlands Airport and at DHL's World Hub in Leipzig. He also spends time 'down-route' with the airline's pilots, observing operations, supporting flight crews and problem-solving. His time down-route helps him understand the lived reality of modern high-tempo commercial air operations.

Dr Bennett, of the Institute of Lifelong Learning, has worked with pilots for over ten years and has published widely on the subject of aviation human factors. His aviation studies include Human Error - by design? (Palgrave-Macmillan) and A Sociology of Commercial Flight Crew (Ashgate).

Dr Bennett on board the Boeing 757SF, where he joined the Captain and First Officer.


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