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The past year has seen EMOHA's involvement with many projects across the region and the coming year will see us continue to provide advice, talks and training sessions about oral history. We hope that the partnerships and projects we have planned with a variety of organisations in 2007 will help to highlight and encourage the use of oral history in the East Midlands and beyond.

Can it be that time of year already? This is an invitation to take part in 'Making Community Oral Histories': the Oral History Society Annual Conference to be held at the London Metropolitan University, Friday 06 - Saturday 07 July 2007.

The 2007 Oral History Society conference will re-examine the subject of community oral histories six years after the successful Talking Community Histories conference. Like its predecessor, it will bring together an exciting and informal mix of community organisations, museums, libraries and archives, schools and universities to present their work and debate the nature, challenges and achievements of community oral histories. It will also reflect on what has changed in the last six years.

Strands will include:

What community? Exploring questions around what is a community and who defines it, how community oral histories are constructed, how collaboration works in practice, and how communities are reflected through the voices of individuals.

Whose interview? Looking at the interview relationship in the community context, including issues around 'insider' and 'outsider' interviewers, interviewing in community languages, and inter-generational interviewing.

Which audience? Reflecting on who community oral history projects are for and what they achieve, how they are disseminated and received, and how audience responses are collected and evaluated.

For offers of presentations please contact Rob Perks, ( or Annette Day (

More details on the OHS website at: or EMOHA's website at:

The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) intends to run a project based on Stoney Cove Quarry at Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire in May 2007 and is looking for volunteer interviewers. The project will look at the various aspects of re-use of quarries as dive centres once they are flooded.

'Stoney Cove Dive Centre' is one of the best-established, having been in use as a dive site from the mid-1950's. One of the aims of the project will be to examine the effects on the local population with regard to historic employment in a working quarry, the effects of it's closure and subsequent re-use as a dive centre. Additionally we are looking to contact some of the original divers who used the site in the very early days. The project is to be funded within the terms of the NAS 'Diving Into History' initiative, and the project archive will be placed in the usual resource centres (local PRO/NMR etc). Contact details here

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