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Times Higher Education magazine launches #loveHE campaign

Issued on 11 March 2010

Times Higher Education magazine is launching an all-embracing and unashamed campaign to champion higher education.

#loveHE is about celebrating universities at a time when they are not as high on the list of public priorities as they should be.

Involving people from both inside and outside the sector, it will cover everything from life-changing teaching to the joys of free enquiry and cutting-edge, paradigm-shifting research discoveries.

Those already backing #loveHE include the actor Sir Patrick Stewart and rap artist Tinchy Stryder.

Writing in Times Higher Education tomorrow, Sir Patrick, chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, kicks off the campaign with the first in a series of articles presenting personal reflections on higher education by arguing that his own experience stands as a metaphor for its transformative power.

Commenting on government cuts to the higher education budget, Sir Patrick writes: "A reversal in the expansion and quality of higher education would have serious implications for individuals, for organisations, for the future of our country...The UK should be proud of and jealously guard its university sector."

Also in this week's issue, the undergraduates of the future have their say on higher education. Times Higher Education staff have been visiting schools around the country to ask young people what they think a university education is for.

Ann Mroz, editor of Times Higher Education, said: "Universities are full of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things: people with huge passion and an unerring belief in what they do. But even more extraordinary is the fact that this inspirational activity is not communicated successfully to the wider world. Universities are strangely unloved: the nation has not taken them to its heart in the way it has the NHS or schools. We hope to help change that with our campaign."

As its name implies, #loveHE started life on the social-networking site Twitter, where tweeters have already been telling us what they love about higher education: "Because it means I never have to stop asking 'why?' (I get paid to be curious, how cool is that?)" (@AstroMeg); "because it goes a long way to bring out the highest ideals in people - and society" (@belindawebb); and "because it asks people to dream of a better world and inspires people to make that a reality" (@UVenus).

To get involved:

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  • Join the Facebook page at
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  • Keep up to date with the latest on #loveHE at our website:



For more information, or to request a copy of Sir Patrick Stewart's article, contact Rebecca Attwood, on +44 (0)20 3194 3324 or email

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