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Food for thought for inquiring minds

The University of Leicester’s School of Education is the principal centre in England for the EU-funded Fibonacci Project – a major European scheme aimed at encouraging relevant and practical learning in primary and secondary schools.

Letting the brain take the strain

Neuroscientists at the University of Leicester, in collaboration with researchers from Poland and Japan, announced the discovery of a critical and previously unknown pathway in the brain that is linked to our response to stress.

Images that reflect on our values

It appears to be dehumanising today, but a century ago it conformed with racial ideology when two Amazonian youths were exhibited in London’s social and academic circles as ‘living curiosities.’ New research at the University of Leicester highlights exploitation that continues to this day.

Black holes – mysteries and conflicts

It was a BBC Horizon programme on black holes that inspired a 12-year-old Paul Abel to plan a career in astronomy, but it was a University of Leicester Honorary Graduate – Sir Patrick Moore – who helped him along the way and later the University of Leicester once more came on the scene as the place where Paul chose to take an undergraduate degree in Mathematics.

Leicester academics leading debate

We’ve created Leicester Exchanges because we believe a university should be about empowering people to explore what they don’t know, as well as what they do know.

On track for success

Students from the Leicester Department of Engineering are to join teams from top University Engineering departments throughout 20 countries to realise a Grand Prix dream.

Building foundations for international relations

Leicester is forging key relationships and developing research and curriculum projects in Kurdistan

We mean business

The University of Leicester is committed to adding value to business operations through close partnerships and collaboration. The success of University-business partnerships is demonstrated by the following examples drawn from some of Leicester’s research strengths.

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