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From dutiful craftsmen to creative superstars

New research from Leicester’s Professor of Art History documents the Renaissance artist’s rise to power.

Learning a valuable lesson

We are outstanding for our teaching – and we don’t just say so ourselves. This year, we won our seventh national award for top-notch teaching and we were also a finalist for the award of most innovative teacher. Now, everyone remembers a great teacher…

Social media and riots - a double-edged sword

Lecturer in Media and Communication Dr Paul Reilly discusses the role of the likes of Twitter and Facebook in times of civil unrest.

The good book

The year 2011 is the 400th anniversary of the edition of The Bible known either as the King James or Authorised Version. It cannot have escaped the notice of anyone with half an interest in the subject that throughout the media one of our principal national experts is the University of Leicester’s Professor of Renaissance Studies, Gordon Campbell.

Leicester invests in mind and body

Multi-million pound programme of new projects will see creation of new facilities for education and sport

A kingdom for a course

Study of English is brought to life in dramatic fashion at the University of Leicester

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