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FAQs about Clearing

What is Clearing?

1 answer

Clearing is simply the system that matches applicants who don’t have an offer with universities that still have places available. It's a great way to find another course if you didn't get the grades you expected and you missed out on your Firm or Insurance choice. You'll be able to find universities with vacancies and contact them directly to see if they will offer you a place.

Clearing is not just for A-level students, but BTEC, IB, Access, mature, international students and any other type of student too.

Who can use Clearing?

1 answer

You can use Clearing if you:

  • didn’t receive any offers.
  • declined all your offers.
  • didn’t get the grades you needed for a conditional offer.
  • got the grades you needed but have changed your mind about where you want to study.
  • haven’t made any applications.

When does Clearing begin and end?

1 answer

The Clearing period runs from the start of July to the end of September. If you’re waiting for A-level results, you can start using Clearing as soon as you receive your grades on Thursday 15 August 2019. But if you already have your grades, you can start using Clearing from 1 July. And although the really intensive Clearing activity happens on Results Day and immediately afterwards, universities continue to advertise available spaces until term starts.

When is the Clearing hotline open?

1 answer

Our Clearing hotline 0116 373 6000 is open 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday-Friday. We have lots of staff waiting to take your call.

What details do I need when I call you?

1 answer

Make sure you have your UCAS ID to hand. You should also have details of all your qualifications.

How should I prepare for Clearing?

1 answer

You don’t want to spend Results Day morning making a list of alternative universities to contact – you want to get straight on the phone. So do all your research beforehand. In fact it might be worth making two lists: one list of courses to try for if your grades are lower than expected, and another in case you get a pleasant surprise. Make sure you have all the information you need and a note of relevant questions you might want to ask.

We recommend getting an early night on Wednesday so you’re feeling awake and refreshed on Thursday.

Take a look at the courses we offer at Leicester.

How will I know if I'm in Clearing?

1 answer

When you login to UCAS Track, it will say 'You are in Clearing. Your Clearing number is [Clearing number]'. This might be because you didn't get any offers or because you didn't get the grades you needed for your firm or insurance choice.

What courses are in Clearing?

1 answer

Not every course at every university is available through Clearing. Here are all the ones available at Leicester this year.

How quickly will I receive an offer through Clearing?

1 answer

We can tell you, while you’re on the phone, whether we are able to offer you a place through Clearing. This verbal offer will be followed by a formal offer by email within half an hour.

How quickly do I need to respond to an offer through Clearing?

1 answer

We appreciate that you may be juggling more than one Clearing option, so when we make you an offer of a place, you will have until 4.30 pm the following day to accept it. The email we send you will include the deadline. After that, we will have to make the place available again to other applicants.

I can't get through on the hotline, what should I do?

1 answer

Please keep trying! Particularly on A-level results day, it can be very busy but we've got lots of staff ready to take your call when you get through.

Will I still be able to get University accommodation?

1 answer

Yes, we still have spaces in our accommodation. You'll be able to apply for accommodation within 24 hours of adding Leicester as your Clearing choice on UCAS Track.

I've changed my mind, how can I release myself from my firm or insurance choice?

1 answer

This year, you'll be able to self-release from your firm or insurance choice, rather than contacting the university directly. To do this, you'll need to log in to UCAS Track and click on the decline my place button. You'll then select your reason for wanting to be released and some further guidance.

Can a friend, relative or teacher call the University for me?

1 answer

Due to Data Protection, if a friend, relative or teacher calls us, we can only give them general info about Clearing. We can't discuss your application with them. However, if you'd like someone else to speak to us for you, you can call us and give us permission to speak to your friend, relative or teacher.

Can you go through Clearing if you haven't applied through UCAS?

1 answer

Yes, although if you've already got your grades, you don't need to wait until A-level results day. Call us on 0116 252 5281 to discuss your options for applying to us directly.

If you're still waiting to get your grades, you can call us on the Clearing hotline as soon as you have them and, if we're able to make you an offer, we'll guide you through the process of applying to us directly.

Can you go through Clearing if you have an offer from another university?

1 answer

Yes, you can get as many Clearing offers as you like. If you'd like to accept one of these offers, you can release yourself from your original University and accept one of your Clearing offers.

I'm an international student, can I apply through Clearing?

1 answer

Yes, we've got an international student Clearing hotline +44 (0)116 223 1888 so you can speak to a specialist about your application.

I've already applied to Leicester and have a question about my application.

1 answer

You can contact the University's Admissions Team by calling 0116 252 2222 if you have queries about your application.