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The Index lists over 300 Topics in the Notebook. You are invited to select a TOPIC from this index. You might also like to download for printing any TOPIC you find useful. The TOPIC is a pdf file which opens in a new browser window.

We leave it to the judgement of users the extent to which they cite this Web site in published papers and grant applications. In any event users who find this Web site valuable might draw the attention of colleagues (and students) to this Web site.

The Web site operates in a read-only mode. In other words users cannot edit the Notebook. Nevertheless you are invited to suggest changes and expansions to a given TOPIC. You are invited to E-mail both MJB and JCRR with your comments on the Notebook. If your comments on a given TOPIC are extensive it would be helpful to send these via both e-mail and post. If we incorporate a suggestion we will acknowledge your contribution in a Footnote to a given TOPIC.

It may be that one of your publications illustrates either a point being made or an interesting application. If this is the case please send reprints (or, photocopies) to both Mike and Joao Carlos. Please note the address for Mike (now retired) given above, namely his private address. We do not promise to incorporate either your comments or references to your publications.

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Last updated: 29 August 2004