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Medium Title Speaker/Author Sex DOB Accession No Collection No
Interview Mantle Oral History Project Birkin, Barbara Female 1954 80 MA200/085/085
Interview Mantle Oral History Project Parry, Vivien Female 1948 82 MA200/087/087
Interview Mantle Oral History Project McKinnon, Joyce Female 1920 120 MA200/131/131
Broadcast Victorian Leicester Cobley, Paul - - 134 RL100/0006/6-9VL
Broadcast The Midland Line Baker, p. - - 146 RL100/0017/9-10ML
Interview Westfield Collection Houldcroft, Dorothy Female 1907 302 WF/009/H09
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Compilation Employment - - 408 LO/028/C28
Photograph Laurence Siddens - - - 489 CH/010/0126/P
Printed material Laurence Siddons Notes Siddons, Laurence - - 489 CH/010/0126/PM
Interview Community History Collection Hodgson, Elsie Female - 494 CH/015/0132
Interview Community History Collection White, Ernie Male 1920 495 CH/016/0133
Interview Community History Collection Radbone, Eva Female 1912 547 CH/059/0178
Interview Community History Collection Halford, Nancy Female - 622 CH/115/0129
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Baily, G. E. Female 1895 734 LO/102/053
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Rossa, P. Male 1907 735 LO/103/054
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Tipton, Stanley Male - 745 LO/113/064
Interview EMOHA Project Peake, Trevor Male 1932 901 EM/029
Interview EMOHA Project Beaumont, Pearl Female 1926 902 EM/030
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Pateman, Leslie Male 1903 915 LO/270/221
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Clarke, John Male 1921 931 LO/286/237
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Smith, Frank Male 1904 982 LO/337/288
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Brown, Benjamin John Male 1896 1015 LO/370/321
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Hubbard, Ernest Reginald Male 1905 1146 LO/493/443
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Edwards, Arthur Male 1918 1189 LO/536/486
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Taylor, Alan G. Male 1922 1203 LO/550/500
Interview Community History Collection Battison, Roy Male - 1223 CH/136
Interview Community History Collection Lee, Adrian (Frank) Male 1965 1224 CH/137
Interview Community History Collection Rogers, William 'Paddy' Male 1909 1226 CH/139
Interview EMOHA Project Green RG Female 1912 1248 EM/051
Interview Arqueotex Project Collection Davenport, Charles Male - 1254 AT/06
Interview Arqueotex Project Collection Anon. Male 1907 1260 AT/12
Interview Arqueotex Project Collection Hall, Bert Male 1917 1265 AT/17
Interview Arqueotex Project Collection Boggan, Bill Male - 1273 AT/25
Interview Community History Collection Maloney, Mona Female 1905 1345 CH/176/HS
Interview Community History Collection Marshall, Doug Male 1920 1346 CH/177/HS
Interview Community History Collection Cross, George Male - 1355 CH/186/HS
Interview Community History Collection Hardwicke, Tom Male - 1357 CH/188/HS
Interview Community History Collection Smith, Robert Male - 1358 CH/189/HS
Interview Walnut Street Berry, Jim Male 1945 1383 WS/020/20
Interview EMOHA project Kempton, Russell Male 1937 1443 EM/074
Interview Talking About Technology Ward, David Male 1947 1502 TA/19
Interview EMOHA project Goddard, Herald Male 1915 1822 EM/108/B
Interview EMOHA project Goddard, Joan Female 1916 1822 EM/108/A
Interview EMOHA project Beck, Harry Male 1907 2127 EM/119
Interview EMOHA project Torkington, Sally Female 1966 2128 EM/120
Interview Wathes Collection Mason, Malcolm Male 1939 2254 WA/02
Interview Wathes Collection Pearson, GM (Matt) Male 1918 2255 WA/03
Interview Wathes Collection Freeman, Ralph Male 1921 2257 WA/05
Interview Wathes Collection Anon. Male 1926 2258 WA/06
Interview Wathes Collection Kempton, Janet Female 1936 2259 WA/07
Interview Wathes Collection Norman, Trevor Male 1946 2260 WA/08
Interview Wathes Collection Thurnham, Peter Male 1938 2261 WA/09
Interview Wathes Collection Anon. Male 1954 2262 WA/10
Interview EMOHA project Northern, Dora Female 1923 2279 EM/140
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Anon. Male 1966 2297 SE/01
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Jackie Hickenbottom Female 1959 2300 SE/04/B
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Lorna Elliot Female - 2300 SE/04/A
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Alex Charalambus Male 1935 2302 SE/06
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Justin Osborne Male 1971 2303 SE/07
Interview Semper Eadem Collection John Blakemore Male 1944 2304 SE/08
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Anon Female 1921 2306 SE/10
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Walter Norton Male 1944 2309 SE/13
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Harish Bhatti Male 1952 2310 SE/14
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Dahya Parmar Male 1949 2311 SE/15
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Phillip Lenton Male 1942 2312 SE/16
Interview Semper Eadem Collection Ray Spencer Male - 2313 SE/17
Interview Natural Heroes Hawley, Julia Female 1966 2327 NH/03
Interview Fox Hunting David Williams Male 1946 3029 FH/08
Interview Fox Hunting Noel Pegge Male 1920 3031 FH/10


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