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2344, NH/20
Natural Heroes

Speaker: Hayes, Tracy, 1967 - 0, Interviewee, Female, Wildlife Watch Officer
Speaker: Hyde, Colin, Interviewer, Male

Summary of interview item: As a child was scared of insects however briefly mentions 'worm' study at primary school. Had children young and didn't attend university but combined interests as adult and good school qualifications to study Natural Sciences with Open University (OU). Volunteered for Country Park Rangers (CPR) from 2000. Admires David Attenborough and mentions learning from many others. Became Leader and County Co-ordinator which complemented OU course. Enjoys nature for work and leisure. Mentions membership of many complementary wildlife trusts. Briefly mentions butterfly and cricket survey in Devon with children. Works with young people on the 'Teen Rangers' project which is now a national project. Likes working with young people. Discusses children's interest in Teen Rangers and environment. Briefly mentions favourite books and places to visit in UK. Likes foxes, badgers and otters. Mentions being filmed by arts group 'Soft Touch' through HLF Young Roots programme for DVD. Briefly discusses high profile of natural history on TV. Highlights problems within Natural History in attracting young people. Mentions writing for Wildlife Trust publication and work at Barnsdale Gardens.
Place of birth: Buckinghamshire
Education: BSc Natural Sciences at Open University
Marital Status: Married, Children: Yes
Father's Occupation: Not mentioned
Mother's Occupation: Not mentioned
Location: County: Warwickshire
Location: Town/Place: Market Bosworth
Periods Covered: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s

Recording Date: 29/10/2007
Playing time: 1 hr, 13 mins, 11 secs
Access Restrictions: Full Consent Item Copyright: LCC
Summary: Yes
Transcription: No
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