Curriculum Vitae for J.S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison
Department of Biology, University of Leicester,
Leicester LE1 7RH, UK
E-mail: PHH4(a) Twitter: PatHH1 YouTube: PatHH1
Phone: +44/0 116 252 3381
FAX: +44/0 116 252 3330

Date of Birth: 14th March 1959 Place of Birth: Belfast , UK
Nationality: British Married to Dr Trude Schwarzacher
Two sons George (7/94) and William (1/96)

UK Passport: John Seymour Heslop HARRISON, 452865552, issued UKPA 19 Dec 2002 valid to 19 Dec 2012,

Major Fields of Interest: Genome evolution and diversity; Molecular biology and molecular cytogenetics; Genomics and functional genomics; Retrotransposons and transposons; Repetitive DNA structure and function; Crop plant evolution; Species include wheat, cereals, gymnosperms, banana, Brassicas, Bovine, Cattle, bivalves, Drosophila; Reproduction, relationships and evolution; Systems biology and interactions between genes. Techniques include in situ and Southern hybridization, cell biology, genetics and marker technology, molecular biology and sequence analysis, fluorescence and electron microscopy.

1976-1977 University of Massachusetts, USA
1977-1980 University College of Wales, Aberystwyth UK
1980-1983 University of Cambridge. ARC Research Studentship at
Plant Breeding Institute and Peterhouse
1983 PhD Spatial Distribution of Chromosomes in Wheat Species

2000-Present Professor of Plant Cell Biology and Molecular Cytogenetics, Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine and Biological Sciences, University of Leicester .

1990-2000 Group Leader, Karyobiology Group, John Innes Centre, Norwich; 1991 Principal Research Scientist / Unified Grade 7 1996 Individual Merit, Senior Principal (UG6/Band 3)
1987-1990 Staff Member and Senior Scientific Officer, Institute of Plant Science Research, Cambridge
1986-1987 BP Venture Research Fellow, Plant Breeding Institute; Co-project leader: Nuclear Architecture
1983-1986 Research Fellow, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge and Plant Breeding Institute

Number of Research Publications: c. 280, Author of one book, Editor of 2 books (full list and abstracts available from ), in collaboration with active scientists from around the world in a productive research laboratory.

Current positions
2011-2014 Sub-panel member, Research Excellence Framework REF, HEFCE
2011-present External Examiner, University of Nottingham, UK
2009-2011 President, Society for Experimental Biology, SEB
2004-2008 External examiner, MSc in Plant Conservation (Seed Banking), University of Sussex
2004- present Council Member, European Cytogenetics Association
2004- Founder and Director, BioAstral Limited (
2004-2008 Director and Trustee, Annals of Botany Company (Registered Charity)
2004-2008 Director of Research Exploitation, School of Biological Sciences, University of Leicester
2005- Global Musa Genomics Consortium, Member and Management Committee Member

Editorial work
2008-present Chief Editor, Annals of Botany
1988-2008 Accepting Editor for Annals of Botany
1991-present Accepting Editor for Sexual Plant Reproduction
2000-present Accepting Editor for Theoretical and Applied Genetics
1992-present Accepting Editor for Chromosome Research
1996-2004 Accepting Editor for Protoplasma
1992-2000 Guest Editor, Plant Molecular Biology
1993-2000 Advisory Board, Plant Systematics and Evolution
1994-1998 Editorial Board, Italian Botanical Journal
1996-2000 Editorial Board, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Selected Grants
1986-1991 BP Venture Research Unit
1989-1993 AFRC Plant Molecular Biology
1991-1994 BP/Venture Research International
1990-1994 AFRC Plant Molecular Biology
1992-1996 AFRC Plant Molecular Biology II
1993-1997 SERC (joint)
1993-1997 AFRC Genome Organization
1994-1996 Two EC Human Capital and mobility
1996-1999 Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia
1996-1999 EC Framework IV (retrotransposons)
1997-2000 EC Framework IV (conifer genomes)
2001-2004 Malaysian Palm Oil Board
2003- IAEA Tropical plant genomes
2003- Generation Challenge Programme, CGIAR
Numerous grants for studentships, research fellowships, research collaboration and visiting workers throughout the world.

Previous Positions
1986-1990 Fellow, Tutor and Assistant Director of Studies,  Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
1992-present Cell Biology Committee, Society for Experimental Biology
1994-2001 Council, Society for Experimental Biology
1994-2002 Genetical Society Committee
1994-1995 Visiting Professor, Okayama University, Japan
1995-2004 Visiting Research Professor, Norman Borlaug Institute, De Montfort University
1992 President's Medal, Society for Experimental Biology
1996 Hamm Memorial Lecture Award, University of Minnesota
1996-1999 Leader of EC Biodiversity Coordination Programme - Diversity
2000-2004 Chairman, Biological Sciences Research Strategy Committee, University of Leicester
2003-2004 Member, GM Science Review Panel, UK Government Chaired by the Chief Scientist Sir David King

Reviewer for Grant Proposals in the UK, US (NSF, DoE, USDA), Austria, Holland, Australia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, various international organizations (INTAS, NATO) and others.

Member of peer review panels and site visites for NSF, IQTB (Portugal), IEB (Czech Republic), Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh), Experimental Plant Sciences (Wageningen)

PhD supervision
Supervisor or joint supervisor over the years for 17 PhD students in cytogenetics and genomics

Kesara Anamthawat-Jonsson; Nuno Neves; Alexandra Castilho; MingLi Wang (joint), Raquel Chaves (joint); Marian Orgaard (joint); Jose Antonio Lima-Brito (joint); Carlos Ribiero Carvalho (joint); Sybille Kubis; Celia Hansen; Azhar Mohammad; Emmanuel Otwe; Saeidi Hojatollah (joint); Ulrike Anhalt (joint); Saadiah Jamli; Celine Tomazewski (joint); Faisal Nouroz

Current PhD students: Nauf Alsayaid; Worku Ngesh; Chetan Patokar, Farah Badakshi

Mostly pre-2000 activities

Conference Organization
1992 John Innes Symposium, "The Chromosome", Norwich (Committee & book editor)
1994 Molecular cytogenetics session, International Plant Molecular Biology Congress, Amsterdam
1995 Coordinator, Europe-China Workshop on Genetic Mapping, Shanghai
1995 Organizer, 50th SEB Symposium: Unifying Plant Genomes, Cambridge
1997 Gordon Conference, Molecular Cytogenetics, Genomics Session, Pisa
1999 Co-Organizer, Genetical Society meeting on Genetics of Growth and Cell Division, Warwick
1999 European Cytogenetics Conference, Organizer Plant Chromosome Workshop, Vienna
1999 Coordinator, UK-Ukraine Workshop on Plant Biotechnology, Norwich
Member of organizing committee for various conferences and conference sessions including Kew Chromosome, Plant Reproduction and International Chromosome.

Teaching and lecturing
PhD Student Supervision and Co-supervision:
Fifteen PhD students completed from six Universities
Lecture and practical courses in Europe and South America, including
Sienna (1991, 1997), Wageningen (1993, 1997), Uruguay (1995, 1998)
Occasional undergraduate lectures in University of East Anglia.
In the University of Cambridge, I regularly taught small groups and presented a course on Plant Ultrastructure.

I have presented invited lectures at numerous international conferences, including (in 1999) Rice Genome Forum (Japan), Palm Oil Somaclonal Variation Meeting (Malaysia), Retroelements and Biodiversity (Helsinki), UK-Japan High Technology Forum (Plymouth), Pollen-Stigma Interaction (Oxford), and International Botanical Congress (St Louis).

Collaboration Much of my work is collaborative, and I have current projects funded in North and South (Uruguay and Brazil) America, Asia (Malaysia, Japan), Australia, New Zealand and Africa (Nigeria) as well as Eastern (Russia and Ukraine) and Western Europe.

Other Interests: I enjoy architecture and art history, cooking, classical music, and, more relevant to my research interests, the natural environment. I am interested in technology, related not only to biology, but also to manufacturing, aerospace and electronics.

PhD Students of J.S. Heslop-Harrison

Kesara Anamthawat-Jonsson, University of Cambridge, 1992
Marian Orgaard, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, 1992
Ming Li Wang, University of East Anglia, 1993
Nuno Neves, University of East Anglia, 1996
Alexandra Castilho, University of East Anglia, 1996
Anette Kamm, University of Frankfurt, 1996
Ze Eduardo Lima-Brito, University Tras-os-Monte e Alto Douro, Portugal, 1998
Sybille Kubis, DeMontfort University, Leicester, 1998
Stefan Frello, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, 1999
Raquel Maria Chaves, University Tras os Monte e Alto Douro, Vila Real, Portugal
Celia Hansen, John Innes Foundation, University of Leicester
Carlos Ribiero de Carvalho, University Tras os Monte e Alto Douro, Vila Real, Portugal
Saadiah Jamli, MARDI, Malaysia
Azhar Mohamad, MINT, Malaysia
Emmanuel Otwe, Cape Coast, Ghana
Ulrike (Olli) Anhalt Publications (also Euphytica)
Four PhD students current 11/2011
CÚline Tomaszewski (Submitted September 2011)
Faisal Nouroz (Pakistan)
Nauf Alsayaid (Saudi Arabia)
Farah Badakshi (UK)
Chetan Patokar (India)


Sept 26-29 2000:  IAEA Tropical Fruits Program, Vienna, Austria

October 19-23 2000: CIRAD, Montpellier, Alain Rival and Oil Palm

June 18-23: IAEA Expert on cytogenetics and molecular markers, Sfax and Degache, Tunisia, Date palm improvement

3 Tutorials to Biology

October 24 2000: Invited Talk to Microarray meeting, Sanger Centre, Cambridge

November 3, 2000: Invited Talk to John Innes Annual Science Symposium

3 Tutorials Biology

Nov 4-12 2000: INIBAP, Banana Conference, Thailand

Nov 26-Dec 3: Japan. Biodiversity Conference, Tsukuba, Okayama University, Kagawa University


Jan 8 PhD Viva - Heraldo Slavo

Jan 20-28 Brazil British Council Course on Molecular Cytogenetics

Feb 28 - Mar 2: DRD Meeting Germany

Review for professorship/readership promotions x 3

March 6-9 3 lectures BS349 special topics in plant biology + 3 h seminars

21 March: Cereal Events lecture to school science day

Reviews x2 for Genoplante, INRA/CNRS/CIRAD/IRD plant genomics programme

Jan 2001 Reviews x2 for NSF Plant Genome Programme

May 2001 Review for Israeli science foundation

June 2001 Czech Grant Academy of Sciences review

September 2001 BS103 - two introductory lectures

October 2001 BS300 - two lectures on writing