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Introduction to C.

Introduction to the Course


Having read this section you should be able to:

  1. Navigate successfully around the course
  2. Save the demonstration programs


This is obviously a hypertext course and we must assumes that you know a little bit about how to use the client browser you are using to view this information.

The course links to existing information that is already resident on our CWIS server, for example to our Glossary of Computing Terms or our on-line documentation. Although the lesson pages have a "back" button at the bottom of every page (which will return you to the page you linked from) many of the linked pages are not directly part of this course, so to navigate successfully we suggest that you use your browser's Back button to return to your calling page.

What you need for this course

All sections have demonstration programs. If you want to learn how to program in C successfully then you must practice. You should run the demonstration programs so that you are sure of their constructs and how they work. They are not too difficult!

To run the programs you will need access to a C compiler. This can be either on your browsing machine or on another machine you have access to. All demonstration programs are available as separate text files which can be saved on to your machine. When there is a program available you will see the following:


displayed after the demonstration program. Clicking on the highlighted text will display the demonstration program. Use your browser's Save As option to save the file.

Experiment - change the programs; make them fail! It is just as important to know what an error message from your system looks like (and means) as it is to write good working programs. Most systems have file editors built into the operating system. If you don't like your local editor then use a word processing package but remember to save the files as ASCII text. (That is a link to our on-line Glossary of Computing Terms!)

If there are any problems running the programs please let us know!


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