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Thumbnail sketches of the saints commemorated in the Christian year cannot substitute for fuller discussions to be found in standard works of reference, which in turn will direct the inquirer to the principal sources. Nevertheless, they have a number of uses, and deserve to be made widely available where their authors allow public access. Several sets of such material have been brought together on this page, together with two fuller reference sources.

In the main window may be found the daily notes authored by Dr Carolyn Muessig of the University of Bristol for the Internet discussion list, Medieval-Religion, whose members from time to time add their own comments as the sketches crop up on the list on their appropriate days.

In the window at the foot of the page may be found links to the alphabetically arranged biographies published on the semi-official Roman Catholic sites, Catholic-Pages.com and Santi e Beati, and on the site known as For All the Saints, maintained by St Patrick's Church, Washington DC, plus access to the entries in the on-line version of the 1908 edition of The Catholic Encyclopaedia.
The left-hand window provides links to other biographical sources, including directories of Orthodox saints and the detailed inventory compiled by the Roman Catholic church in Norway.

The image on the left is a fifteenth-century Ethiopian representation of the Apostles, paired and shown together with a mounted St George and two abbots, described by Bent Juel-Jensen in 'A fifteenth century diptych painted by "The artist of the red eyes", Albstadt, Orbis Aethiopicus, 1992, pp. 357-62.

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