[ELH] Dr Graham Jones: The Eastern Churches

Entrance of Christ to Jerusalem (AD 1457 Syriac Manuscript, from the Bar Ebroyo CyberLibrary - URL below).

General web sites and onward links for students of the eastern churches

Greek Orthodox Church official web-site.

Eastern Churches, a comprehensive page of links to sites devoted to aspects of Orthodox history, faith and practice

The Resurrection and the Willow is a smartly designed presentation of material relating to Orthodox traditions of Passion Week and Easter, including descriptions of the conversion of the Slav peoples to Christianity.

Mani and its churches, John Chapman's web-site about the churches of the Mani, the central and southernmost peninsula of the Peloponnese region of Greece.

Orthodox links from the Protection of the Mother of God Church, Rochester, New York.

Orthodox Church links maintained by the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren.

Web-sites devoted to Eastern monasticism

Orthodox monasteries, a well-organised, informative site, though with some outdated links.

Mount Athos monasteries, with impressive photography.

Treasures of Mount Athos, with links to other pages, a site of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Monasteries - another set of monastery links, from the site of Our Lady of Balamand, El-Khoura, northern Lebanon.

The Northern Lights route, featuring the Solovki monastery in the White Sea.

Country- or region-specific sites

Great Britain

Anastasis, web-site of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Great Britain.

The Coptic Church

The Christian Church in Egypt, links compiled by Google, the search engine provider.

History of the Church in Egypt - short introductory essays compiled for the Egyptian Tourist Office.

The Coptic Network is the starting point for the Coptic Orthodox Church.

The St Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society maintains links to Coptic church and cultural sites in America and the Near East.

The Ethiopian Church

Library of Ethiopian Texts at Charles University, Prague.

The Syrian Orthodox Church

Syriac (Jacobite) Orthodox Resources includes recipes from Kerala as well as hagiographic, liturgical and topographical material, including the Bar Ebroyo CyberLibrary.

StGeorge Syrian Orthodox Church, Cheppaud.

Hamurabi is a site developed by the Rev Dale Johnson, whose research field is the Syriac and Aramaic churches.

The Chaldean and Assyrian Churches

Chaldean Church information, materials and links can be reached via the web-site of the Catholic Information Network.

Assyrian Church of the East. Further Assyrian material and links are available at the Aramaic web-site.


Armenian Historical Sources Byzantine, Georgian, and Turkish History.

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