TASC in Northern Russia

The famous Valaam monastery, from which, according to tradition, Saint Kornilij set out to live on Paleostrov Island on Lake Onego.
There, entranced by the beautiful landscape, he founded a monastery which he dedicated in honour of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

(Photograph by V. Grigoryeva from the Republic of Karelia web-site.

An icon of Saint Alexander of Svir', the best-known venerable elder, ascetic and desert dweller of Eastern Karelia. He founded the most famous cloister in the Olonets regions, the monastery of the Holy Trinity. (Published in Russkij Palomnik, 1994, No. 10 [Church museum of Kuopio, Finland].)

TASC's partners in Northern Russia

TASC's partners in northern Russia are, in Karelia, Professor Irina Tchernikova, of the Department of History at the University of Petrozavodsk, and Ms Yulia Kozhevnikova; and in the Archangel Region, Dr Galina Demchuk of the Institute of the Ecological Problems in the North, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Click here for datasets from their research, initially a set of dedications from the shores of Lake Onego in the seventeenth century. In this Lake Onego dataset, ‘m’ indicates monastery; p, centre of ‘old’, mother parish (pogost); v, centre of daughter parish (vystavka); h, hermitage; a, pridel, or special altar, behind or outside the main altar and also oriented to the East. The order of the churches in individual parishes is as given in the so-called ‘scribe books’ (state fiscal surveys), specifically those of Voejkov, Panin and Dolgorukov (See Prof. Tcherniakova’s article in Saints of Europe).

Professor Tcherniakova is a contributor to Saints of Europe: Studies Towards an Inventory of Cults and Culture.

Karelian churches: Internet links

St Nicholas' church, Rantue

Church of Kostomuksha, recently built and dedicated in honour of The Protection of the Virgin (the feast of the Holy Protection which is credited to a vision of the Byzantine Holy Fool, Andrew the Scythian, and which has iconographic similarities to the western image of Our Lady of Mercy). Installed in the altar at Kostomuksha are relics of the Holy Martyrs of Vilno (Lithuania) and the martyrs Antony, John, and Stephen.

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