[ELH] Dr Graham Jones: Harnessing geographical resources

What is GIS? On-line tutorials in Geographical Information Systems

Institute for Cultural Landscape Studies, University of Harvard, has provided here a 'succinct, critical introduction to this new technology, with multiple links to more specialised sources'.
GIS Primer on-line from the sales site of Pacific Meridian Resources Inc.
Database Concepts, written by Kenneth E. Foote and Donald J. Huebner, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder.

Useful link-sites for Historical Geographers and users of GIS

The GIS Portal offers more than a thousand GIS Netsites. Hosted by a US mapping technology company.

Geospatial Data Clearinghouse maintained by the US Federal Geographic Data Committee Secretariat at Reston, Virginia. It includes access to gazetteers and a very large number of clearinghouses, each offering lists of contributed databases.

Geography links page, a useful compilation by the Geography Department at the University of Glasgow.

GIS WWW Resource List, an index of World-Wide Web servers likely to be of interest to the GIS community, maintained at the University of Edinburgh.

GIS links from the UK Ordnance Survey site.

Internet resources for Geography and GIS - a useful compilation of links, including on-line maps and atlases, on the Perseus Atlas Project site, based at Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachussetts.

European Historic Boundaries: the web-site for the European Science Foundation workshop for a European GIS.

West Virginia GIS Technical Center, compiled in cooperation with Trevor Harris, Department of Geology and Geography, West Virginia University.

GEONet Names Server, compiled by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, allows a number of search modes and its latitude-longitude gazetteers include even small places. Country files are available for download in tab-delimited .txt format. To use the search facility, go first to the introductory description of the site and click on the link accompanied by the Board of Geographic Names seal, 'Access GNS'.

Global Gazetteer is a trial site under development by Falling Rain Genomics Inc. with powerful search tools for latitude and longitude and other data including links to images on the web of the place requested.

Electronic mapping

UKBORDERS, access to on-line mapping resources, University of Edinburgh

On-line map collections

Perry-Castaneda map collection at the University of Texas at Austin, with links to other collections and historical geography sites.

On-line gazetteers

Parish Locator is a downloadable freeshare programme which lists 15,000 pre-1834 parishes in the British Isles and allows the calculation of distances between two parishes, identification of parishes within a given radius, and a number of other useful functions.

Large-scale projects employing GIS

Link to the ECAI and Time-Map projects

Mapping tools used on my pages

GenMap, Steve Archer's software designed primarily for family research but useful for many other tasks.

GeoTools, a free Java-based mapping toolkit that allows maps to be viewed interactively on web browsers without the need for dedicated server-side support.

Manufacturers of GIS equipment

ESRI, maker of ArcView and other GIS products.

MapInfo, maker of the MapInfo suite of GIS products.

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